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Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Geologic Hydrogen Produced from Subsurface Deposits.

Natural geologic hydrogen (H2) could supply climate-friendly energy. We perform a prospective life cycle assessment (LCA) of a generic natural H2 production and processing system...



Bill Gates Is Backing A Secretive Startup Drilling For Limitless Clean Energy

It's been 37 years since a subterranean coal fire forced Tom Darrah's family to flee their home in Centralia, Pennsylvania. ...


Underground Hydrogen Could Supercharge Green Energy. First, Scientists Have to Find It.

It has the potential to power electrical grids, run factories, heat homes and propel vehicles when combined with a fuel cell

The Wall Street Journal

Uncovering hidden reserves of natural hydrogen

Recent discoveries have unearthed a bonanza of natural hydrogen in significantly larger quantities than was previously ...

Advanced Science News

A Gold Mine of Clean Energy May Be Hiding Under Our Feet

Sometimes we miss things in front of our faces. We don’t see what we aren’t looking for. “We can be blind to the obvious, ...

New York Times

Hidden Hydrogen

IN THE SHADE of a mango tree, Mamadou Ngulo Konaré recounted the legendary event of his childhood. In 1987, well diggers had ...


Natural Hydrogen: The New Frontier

Geological hydrogen could revolutionise our low-carbon future. Philip J. Ball and Krystian Czado report on discussions of ...


Australian Island Draws Gas Prospectors Seeking Pot of Gold Hydrogen

On Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide, a band of former gas explorers believe they are on the verge of discovering ...

Financial Times